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Success Stories

ZhiQiang Chen

“We showed that technology and the power of a drone network can serve as a big asset to emergency response.”

Daniel McIntosh

“The Sweet spot is that there’s a large pool of students who don’t have great resources and who may not look impressive on paper but if given the opportunity and resources I believe that they can do it.”

Carol Ward

“We try to help people as much as we can and talk to people about what they need help with.”


The BI proposal is superior with excellent education, societal, and evaluation components…there are no weaknesses to this component.

NSF Reviewer

My program officer let me know that the broader impacts that you worked with me on was definitely part of what made my application successful.


For the BI section, the proposal is actually extremely well designed. The outreach programs and videos would be extremely useful and are the best ideas I’ve seen in such proposals.

NSF Reviewer