In the Spring of 2020, three MU graduate students were challenged to move their outreach and engagement efforts fully online, as the University of Missouri moved quickly to comply with COVID-19 safety measures while maintaining a commitment to serving Missouri citizens. In a matter of days, students in Integrating Science with Outreach worked diligently to re-work their initial outreach plans in order to develop and curate online outreach materials. The students recorded digital talks, presentations, and demonstrations relating to each of their research areas and uploaded them to Youtube. 

Integrating Science with Outreach, led by Dr. Rachel Bauer, Engagement Programs Manager for The Connector, is an independent study-style course where each student was guided through the process of developing an outreach plan, creating partnerships with community organizations and institutions, and conducting meaningful outreach with the general public. The goal was for graduate students to learn best practices and gain useful, hands-on experience, such as lesson planning and public speaking, to effectively share their excitement about science with the community.

Please click below to experience some of their excellent work:

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