The Connector provides proposal consulting services to University of Missouri System faculty, staff, and students.

Services Offered

Development of Research Impacts Plan

The Connector will help you develop a strong research impact plan based on your individual interests and resources. We will work hand in hand with you to identify a goal that highlights your strengths and meets the requirements of your funding agency.

Networking and Identifying Partnerships

We have connections with campus and community resources, and a national network of broader impacts support professionals. We will work together to build a strong team to implement your plan.

Evaluation Plan Support

The Connector will identify evaluation resources and consultants to meet your proposal needs.


The Connector offers its services dependent on the faculty researcher’s individual needs, and the amount of time allotted before grant submission.

2+ Months Before Submission

Assist with development of BI plan

Assist with Writing, Editing, and Formatting BI Plan

Identify Implementation Partners

Provide an Evaluation Plan and Evaluator

Provide a Letter of Support

1 Month Before Submission

Edit Researcher Ideas

Identify Implementation Partners

Provide an Evaluation Plan and Evaluator (if available)

Provide a Letter of Support (if available)

1-3 Weeks Before Submission

Edit Researcher Plan (if available)

Schedule a Consultation

Contact us at to schedule a consultation.

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