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Here are some samples of workshops we provide:

Broader Impacts 101

Broader Impacts and your CAREER

Broader Impacts for Graduate Students

Broader Impacts Writing Workshop



Essentials for Public Engagement
GRAD 9070 University of Missouri (Spring 2017)
Wednesdays 10:00am-11:50am in Townsend Hall 105

This course will focus on understanding the role of scholarship and research in society, how to integrate public needs with research, and how researchers can effectively engage individuals and groups.

Upon course completion, students should:
  Understand different types of public engagement
  Understand how to develop a Community Engagement plan
  Understand the purpose and value of public engagement in their research career
  Understand career options for public engagement

Students will be asked to:
  Write a Community Engagement Plan
  Write a proposal for an outreach project
  Prepare a 3MT pitch


Science Policy & Public Engagement
GRAD 9072 University of Missouri (Spring 2017)
Location, Time and Dates: TBD

This course will explore the intersection between research, science policy, and society. Through understanding of the history and structure of government and its role in science policy, researchers will develop the understanding needed to navigate those waters to effectively advocate for scientific advances.

Upon course completion, students should:
  Understand the relation between federal legislation and federal funding
  Understand career options for influencing science policy
  Understand policy briefs and their use in engaging policy makers
  Have an action plan for incorporating legislative outreach into their research career