Evaluation is a key component of an effective engagement activity.  However, it can be a daunting task.  Here you will find helpful tools and resources to get you started.

Broader Impacts Network Data, Evaluation, & Research System (BINDERS)

This online platform offers UM System researchers a comprehensive tool for entering, collecting, and tracking data to promote evidence-based best practices in the development, implementation, and evaluation of BI activities related to broadening participation, undergraduate research, high school outreach, and public outreach.  This completely free tool links easily with myVITA and was created with the MU Assessment Resource Center.

Evaluation Tool Kit

  Evaluation 101

  When do I need an outside evaluator?

  Evaluation Design

  Evaluation Tools and Methods

  Evaluation Resources

  Evaluator List

More Resources

  AEA Find an Evaluator Tool

  American Evaluation Association

  CAISE Evaluation

  Maximizing the Impact of STEM Outreach

  NSF AGEP Evaluation Tools

  Online Evaluation Resource Library

  The User-Friendly Handbook for Project Evaluation